East Orlando Food Pantry Needs

Ok, everyone… Here we go! 3.5 million people filed for unemployment last week. This reality showed at our food pantry this week.

Because of the growing need, we served 115 families at our food pantry and 150 kids came to get breakfast and lunch. The need for food is growing as the word is getting out.

We need your support today!!!

We need food donations and we need financial donations to see this happen. Please give and encourage others to give. Faith UMC in East Orlando has become a center for food relief for families across east Orlando.


Remember, all donations dedicated to our food pantry will go directly to the purchase, handling, and distribution of the food in East Orlando.

As more and more schools, businesses and government facilities are closing due to COVID-19, more and more families are looking for food solutions.

We had secured a partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank that has helped facilitate food distribution in East Orlando. However, as the need grows, we need your support more than ever.

Visit our services page for more information about free services provided to East Orlando.

Thanks to all the families that are helping out, and to all our incredible volunteers that are making a difference in the lives of so many.

Please, pray that God continues to provide, that more and more food donations come in, and that we continue to supply the needs of our community as we keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.


Matt Findley,

MT25 Board of Directors.