Here are some of the services we directly support and that are available in  our community:

1- Food Pantry:

The hope of Faith UMC’s food pantry is to provide emergency assistance to our neighbors that are food insecure. They serve over 150 individuals and families each week by providing to their physical needs items such as dry foods, produce, dairy products, meats, canned goods, water, juice and soft drinks, and day-old bread from local bakeries. They also provide hygiene products as they are available.

Everyone is welcome to the pantry.

The food pantry is open every Thursday from 10:00am to 12:00pm AT FAITH UMC ORLANDO. 1411 Dean Road. Orlando, Florida 32825.

2- Immigration Services:

Via the Fl Immigration Law and Justice center’s ‘Know You Rights’ seminars, general information will be communicated to our community. This information serves the public, including our local schools. These seminars will seek to serve around 10 to 25 people. Seminars are about 1 hr. training with both printed material (which we have translated to about 20 languages) and “Q and A” sessions that state and clarifies the facts about immigrants’ rights.

Volunteers will assist families in filling out and notarizing essential guardianship status forms to help a ‘head of house’ appoint guardians to take care of their children (both for school and medical purposes).

The Seminar is open every other month at different Florida area locations. Call 786-470-5735 (Miami) / 407-476-6551 (Orlando) / 813-495-2501 (Tampa) for details.

3- Counseling Services:

Working with our “at-risk community”, Faith UMC, provides a safe environment for people to work through real-life situations.

People in need of counseling services are encouraged to call the Church at (407) 275-1771. You can also contact one of our team members via email HERE.

4- Financial counseling services:

Via, one of our partners, we offer free financial education to young families, young adults, and kids. The free information is found online, and it is accessible to people from all walks of life.

For more info visit: