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It is estimated that Orlando’s immigrant population will continue to rise over the next several years. In fact, since 1990 the total percentage of immigrant population has doubled in Orlando to date. These challenges in population changes brings a unique opportunity to churches in the Orlando metro area. One of the biggest hardships to such a growing immigrant population is the need for churches to provide low cost immigration services to both individuals and families. Most immigrant families live under the poverty line on our city, making services like this a must to any church that is looking to be relevant in the Orlando metro area.

It is Faith UMC’s vision to address this need directly via our Matthew 25 Project, a 501(c)3 ministry of Faith UMC. Faith UMC, together with its partners, will deliver low cost immigration assistance to East Orlando’s high-risk immigrant communities.

Faith UMC, in partnership with the Immigration Alliance and Justice For Our Neighbor (JFON) Florida, has implement an ongoing immigration site to serve East Orlando.

Our immigration site will serve our community 2-fold: first, the ministry will provide monthly seminars at different locations in East Orlando, to help inform our immigrant communities of their rights. Second, the ministry will provide the legal support and strategies for families to be both legally assisted in immigration matters and legally represented in immigrations procedures.

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